Creating a Company

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If you operate a business, you may be able to reduce your tax and other expenses by incorporating.

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is a useful organizational form for smaller companies. This type of business is simple to launch, needs little upfront funding, and produces favourable returns.

The personal liability of a limited liability company's (LLC) owners may be constrained in specific circumstances. When a business is still being established, it cannot be held accountable.

Federal income tax is not necessary for LLCs to pay. Limited liability corporations (LLCs) may be subject to "pass-through" taxation; therefore, LLC income taxes are frequently recorded on individual owners' tax returns instead of the LLC's financial statements.


If a company chooses to be regarded as a pass-through organization for federal tax purposes, it may submit an S-corporation election to the Federal Revenue Service. The S-company form is useful when going through changes in ownership or closing businesses.

Protecting shareholder money is a requirement for S-businesses. There will be no use of any shareholder's personal assets to settle the debts and obligations. Thus, there are no fees or taxes associated with the transfer of shares in an S-business.

You might want to consider switching from being a sole proprietor or limited liability company to an S-corporation if your business is having problems growing.


New business owners generally choose the C-corporation as their company's legal structure.

Due to all the benefits they provide, C-corporation is chosen by the mass of business owners. Owners of C-companies are the least subject to personal liability of any of these possibilities.

The maximum number of stockholders for C-Corporations is unrestricted. Stock sales are another unregulated activity.

The ability of the business to operate normally won't be materially impacted by a change in shareholder ownership or the passing of a firm owner.

If you want to go public or generate money through stock offerings, a C-company is the best option.

Non-Profit Organization

For a successful charity to get off the ground, you'll need a sizable bank account, lots of eager volunteers, and lots of thought. The needs of the communities around philanthropic organizations are a major focus for many of them.

You might be able to have a greater impact on the world by starting a non-profit organization to promote a subject that is important to you. Applications for grant programs designed to assist for-profit companies in making money are accepted from non-profit groups.

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