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Trademarking Services to ensure the uniqueness of your brand

Every person and company has a unique name, and it is never acceptable to copy it. We realize how essential this is to any business and we understand the complexities that are possible for beginners, which is why we handle everything for you, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Importance of trademark registration

Legal Protection

Trademark registration provides legal protection and exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with specific goods or services. It acts as a shield against potential infringers, allowing the owner to take legal action against unauthorized use.

Brand Recognition

Registered trademarks enhance brand recognition and consumer trust. A recognizable and protected mark helps consumers identify products or services of a particular source, building brand loyalty.

Market Distinction

Trademark registration sets your brand apart from competitors in the marketplace. It prevents others from using similar marks that might cause confusion among consumers, ensuring your brand stands out.

Deterrence to Copycats

A registered trademark serves as a deterrent to potential copycats or competitors seeking to imitate your brand's identity, protecting your brand's reputation and integrity.

Nationwide and Global Protection

Trademark registration offers nationwide protection in the country where it is registered. Additionally, international trademark registration allows for protection in multiple countries, facilitating global expansion.


We drive the mission to provide start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, with a quick, and cost-effective way to safeguard their brands. Our team understands that running and maintaining a successful business is a crucial duty. You don’t need to worry about these hardships while taking our services, because we keep struggling to protect and secure your name and make the process as dynamic, productive, and reasonable as possible. To ease the process of achieving a trademark for your business, we have a pack of every essential thing you require for protecting your name, brand slogan, or logo.

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We accommodate a variety of different payment options. You can book a free meeting to learn more

  • Case Review
  • Case Filing
  • Basic Search
  • State E-Filing
  • Trademark Secured
*(Govt. filing fee not included)
  • Case Review
  • Case Filing
  • Basic Search
  • State E-Filing
  • Trademark Secured
  • Direct Hit Search
  • Dedicated Case Manager
*(Govt. filing fee not included)
  • Case Review (by a TM Expert)
  • Basic Free Trademark Search
  • Trademark Monitoring Services (3 Months)
  • Trademark Secured
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Case filing service with complete paperwork
*(Govt. filing fee not included)
  • Case Review & Filing (U.S Registered IP Attorney)
  • Assigned Case Filing Officer
  • Private Registration
  • Trademark Secured
  • Federal Search & Clearance Report (All States)
  • Federal E-Filing (USPTO)
  • Cease & Desist Letter
  • Same Day Filing
  • Trademark Monitoring (1 Year)
  • Trademark Secured
  • Direct Hit Search
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • 24/7 Secure Online Access
  • 100% Approval Guarantee
*(Govt. filing fee not included)

Our Process

We have worked for several years, trying to make our trademark registration process simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, in order to assist our clients in the best possible way, we have transformed our process into three simple steps.

Step 01

Share Trademark

Step 02

Application Drafting
and Submission

Step 03


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